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Reporting Mechanism

Click "Report Allegation" to report your allegation. You may also anonymously submit your allegation.

Follow the next procedure by completing the form. Begin with selecting communication method with our WBS staff to completing the entire data and allegation content. You can also attach additional evidence such as pictures or any other form of documents.

After submitting your allegation data, you will get an ID ticket number which later will be applied as reference in communicating with WBS staff through mails, sms, or web.

Diberitahukan, bila ada pihak tertentu internal maupun eksternal Pupuk Kaltim yang mengatasnamakan Direktur Teknik dan Pengembangan untuk maksud tertentu yang tidak dapat dipertanggungjawabkan kebenarannya, maka disampaikan bahwa hal tersebut TIDAK BENAR dan UNTUK DIABAIKAN.