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Why should I report any miss-conduct?

Your allegation could improve Pupuk Kaltim in becoming a company which has safe, respectable and equitable working environment. Any unethical conduct will cause negative impact on our work environment and reputation. By reporting unethical conducts and any form of fraud, you are participating in company's financial monitoring while maintaining conducive working environment.

May I report my allegation without disclosing my identity?

When you contact us, you may choose to disclose or not to disclose your identity to Pupuk Kaltim's Whistle Blowing Service.

Whatever your decision is, Pupuk Kaltim WBS Service guarantees that your identity will not be revealed to other parties. We will keep all the information as confidential and will only reveal them to officials designated by Pupuk Kaltim which will be int ask of performing the investigation. However, the information given to WBS Service will be submitted to the authority as required by the regulations.

How is the procedure, when I contact Pupuk Kaltim WBS Service?

The incoming call to WBS Service hotline won't be recorded and there won't be any caller ID identification. You won't be asked to inform your name unless you prefer to do so. Your report will be notified by unique reference number.

What should I report?

You may report any misconducts or suspicious activities that such as theft, fraud, collusion, bribery, extortion, embezzlement, dishonesty, unethical act or harmful work environment in Pupuk Kaltim.

What should I report to Pupuk Kaltim WBS Service?

If you want to report an inappropriate act or misconducts, you could provide as complete information as possible, such as:

  • Names of the persons involved.
  • Names of the witness (if presents)
  • Date, time and location of the event
  • Details of evidence
  • The amount of fund or asset involved
  • How frequent the events occurred
  • The category of activities / behavior / event.

How if I'm not really sure about the suspicious act or event found?

Most of the cases are disclosed by the curiosity of honest people which were not sure about the authenticity of the facts found. Every information counts and we will tolerate any incomplete information. Every information you provide is valuable for us.

After submitting a report, will I be involved?

You will be no longer involved after submitting your report of misconduct events. However, you are allowed to modify your allegation when you find updates on related issues. You could also make a "follow-up call" by providing the reference number received at the first time the allegation was submitted.

After submitting the allegation, how long will i be notified? (Allegation Status)

Pupuk Kaltim WBS Service will send the allegation status to the whistleblower. For life-threatening condition, we will immediately contact the whistleblower.

Is there any reward for submitting allegations?

Pupuk Kaltim WBS Service does not grant any reward for those who submit allegations.

How many times I may contact Pupuk Kaltim WBS Service?

You may contact Pupuk kaltim WBS Service whenever you notice any misconducts that need to be reported.

Will the authorities be notified of allegations reported to Pupuk Kaltim WBS Service?

The information reported to Pupuk Kaltim WBS Service will be forwarded to officials designated to respond. If a justification is considered necessary, we will contact the authorities.

Will there be any investigations after the allegations are reported?

The need of investigation depends on some cases including the given information, details, documentation, and company's regulation. Pupuk Kaltim will then decide a further proper action after receiving your report.

What personal identity will Pupuk Kaltim WBS Service collect?

When you fill Pupuk Kaltim WBS Service report, please fill all the information required in Pupuk Kaltim WBS Service format.

How will Pupuk Kaltim WBS Service employ the collected personal information?

Pupuk Kaltim WBS Service will only employ your personal information as long as we provide this service to you. We will disclose the gathered information in order to act accordingly, as obligated by the law or authority.

Diberitahukan, bila ada pihak tertentu internal maupun eksternal Pupuk Kaltim yang mengatasnamakan Direktur Teknik dan Pengembangan untuk maksud tertentu yang tidak dapat dipertanggungjawabkan kebenarannya, maka disampaikan bahwa hal tersebut TIDAK BENAR dan UNTUK DIABAIKAN.